No layovers in the last year!

"ET Transport gives the flexibility needed to run my business on my own terms, while at the same time getting the support needed to maximize my income. "

John D, Owner Operator

Company Driver from East coast

"Working here as a company Driver, finished onboarding and Orientation, Flew me in, Put me in a hotel. Then received my new Truck, Simple and Easy Orientation Process"


ET Driver from East coast

"Great onboarding, 2018 beautiful truck, dispatch is a pleasure - no micromanaging."

Chet S

Lease Operator with E.T as an East Coast Driver

"This company was to good to be true, I have had horrible experience with Companies out East. Finally getting paid what I deserve."

Donald L.

Experience with E.T from an East Coast Driver

"I Live in NS, here is my experience working with E.T Transport. Also my home time and current truck that I am driving"

Jonathen Stoddart

Lease Lease Operator - On boarding Review

"ET transport prides itself on our quick and smooth approach to on boarding. See this review for our lease purchase program!"

Ken K - Lease Operator

Over 12,000 miles per month

"I've worked in the industry for over 20 years. ET has the best dispatch team that I've ever dealt with. They arrange each trip before my arrival, so I never have to bother them."

Greg M, Truck Driver

Treats you like family from day 1

"I have been with et transport for almost a month now. I talked with them for a few weeks before I joined. I talked with drivers and safety also dispatch. This is a totaly honest, hard working business that treats you like family from day 1. Top of the line equipment and dispatch. No sitting around I usaly have reload info days before I even unload. I'm looking forward to many years working with this company."

Kenneth Milligan

Allows me to be successful and get ahead

"Excellent company to work for. I've been here a couple of months on their lease program and have finally found a home. Dispatch, safety and the rest of operations are great. This place gives me the miles and rates that make it possible to not only make leasing work, but also allows me to be successful an get ahead. If you are a driver looking for an honest company that will respect you and your experience, you need to check E.T. out."

Bert Bernardus