Roll-Tite / Conestoga Carrier

ET Transport is an asset-based carrier with a growing fleet of air-ride equipped Roll-Tites (aka Conestoga Trailers). We can help you transport atypical commodities that need flexible access for loading and offloading.

Custom-Built Roll-Tites

ET Transport offers industry leading, modern roll-tite transportation services.

At ET Transport, we custom build our Roll-tites (aka Conestoga Trailers) to accommodate freight up to 104″ high – 4″ higher than the industry’s standard. 

We maximize the width of the trailer up to the legal height of 102″ and can haul as heavy as 45,000 lbs. Our fleet currently includes both 53′ and 48′ trailers.

Custom-Built Roll-Tites

Secure Roll-Tite Transportation

Ensuring Cargo Safety from Start to Finish

At ET Transport, we take the safety and security of your cargo as seriously as you do. Our Roll-Tite (Conestoga) trailers are equipped with state-of-the-art locking systems, offering unmatched protection against cargo theft. This sophisticated security measure ensures your freight remains secure from pickup to delivery.

Ideal for high-value or sensitive shipments, our Roll-Tite service gives you the confidence that your goods are not just being transported but vigilantly safeguarded every mile of their journey. With ET Transport’s secure Roll-Tite shipping solutions, you can rest assured that the safety and integrity of your cargo are our top priority.

Secure Roll-Tite Transportation

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Adapting to Your Unique Shipping Requirements

ET Transport redefines adaptability with our roll-tite trailers, designed to meet every shipment’s unique challenges. Catering to a range of needs, from oversized goods to cargo requiring special attachments, our custom-built Roll-Tites are equipped to handle diverse shipment requirements. Their versatility accommodates various sizes and shapes, ensuring efficient transport for a wide range of goods. 

This vehicle adaptability, combined with our commitment to custom solutions, positions our Roll-Tite shipment service as a highly versatile choice for transporting your cargo swiftly and effectively.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Transportation in Roll-tite

ET Transport’s roll-tite division is used to transport specialized large commodities such as:

Why Choose a Roll-Tite?

Roll-tites / conestoga trucks have a variety of uses – primarily for large loads that need flexible access for loading and offloading.

  • Used for Machinery, Aluminum, Building products, Lumber
  • Great protection from the weather and elements
  • Tarps never touch the freight
  • Fast and easy tarping
  • Tarps under 3 minutes
  • Loads like a flatbed
Why Choose a Roll-Tite?

Reliable Conestoga Delivery

Our business is to ensure your shipment reaches any destination in Canada and USA.

Our trucks feature satellite-tracking technology that gives you real-time information regarding your freight’s delivery.

With our own dedicated fleet, 24/7 dispatch, and our extensive network of partners, we provide seamless transportation and logistics services throughout North America that will leave you worry-free.

Request a free roll-tite transportation quote online or call to speak with a our customer service team.

Reliable Conestoga Delivery

Why Ship With ET Transport

Asset-Based & Canadian

Asset-Based & Canadian

We are a Canadian-based company with 2 locations in Canada (Ontario & New Brunswick) with a large fleet of trucks available to transport your goods within Canada and the USA.
Dry, Cool, Heated, Flatbed

Dry, Cool, Heated, Flatbed

Whether your load requires heating, cooling, custom-tailored delivery options – we’ve got you covered. We will work with you to ensure your goods are delivered to the desired destination on time.
Fully Certified

Fully Certified

ET Transport is certified with CBSA & ASFC, C-TPAT, PIP, CSA, FAST, ACE, ACI, HAZMAT, and SmartWay – to ensure your goods are delivered without delays, hidden fees, and unnecessary inspections.
Over 100 Trucks

Over 100 Trucks

We own a fleet of modern trucks to transport your goods in Canada and across the border. We continuously upgrade equipment in line with industry standards, with technology that ensures you get a solid transport service each time.
Over 200 Trailers

Over 200 Trailers

We own over 200 trailers to transport your perishable and non-perishable goods. With a large fleet, you can hire ET to transport both large and small loads using Vans, Reefers, Heated trailers and Flatbeds.
98% On-time Delivery

98% On-time Delivery

We understand the importance of goods delivered on time and we’re constantly innovating our trucks to ensure the most accurate and reliable delivery time for you. We’re proud of our industry leading 98% on-time delivery track record!

Client Reviews

ET Transport works with professional partners and suppliers to ensure successful project completions.

On behalf of Scotts Canada, I’m writing a letter to recommend ET Transport’s services. They have been handling our outbound for more than 2 years and providing excellent services that has been very reliable. We also appreciate ET Transport are trying to better understand our business to provide better services. They’ve always been easy to deal with and willing to adjust when change needed to be made.

Jolin B, Logistics Manager, Scotts

It is with pleasure and ease that I submit this recommendation email for ET Transportation. ET has been servicing Eastman Kodak successfully for 3+ years and has done so with great success.

OTP has been at 99% and they have yet to let us down. Even during times of additional volume or late notice, ET will come through with support and at fair cost. Besides good performance, their integrity is extremely high and they stand by their commitments. This praise comes at no easy feat as we have many requirements on our lanes including: Bonded, CSA, Logistics trailers, Reefer and Haz shipping.

Justin, Transportation Manager, Kodak

It is was overwhelming pride that I submit this recommendation for ET Transport. Service has been outstanding since ET’s additions to our network over 3 years ago. ET maintains some of the highest positive service metrics consistently throughout the year. With multiple changes in the market, they have stood true to their commitments while remaining a valued partner. From shipments to consulting, ET has always supported us above and beyond.

Ben, Sr. Logistics Coordinator, Wheatland

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the max height? +

Most rolltites can only haul freight up to 98″ high, ET  custom builds rolltites with a max interior height of 104″

Max width? +

The maximum interior width of our roll-tite trailers is 102″

Max weight? +

We can carry approximately 45,000 pounds of freight on a roll-tite.

Do you have triaxle rolltites? +

Yes, we have both triaxle and multi-axle Rolltites.

What is belly tarping? +

When the product is unprotected – plastic sheeting/protective covering is placed on the trailer while product is being loaded. Product is then wrapped to protect it from the elements.

What types of loads are transported on rolltites? +

Rolltites are one of the most commonly used trailers since they are very flexible in what they can haul, and how they can be loaded. We use them to haul equipment or cargo of all types that doesn’t easily fit in an enclosed Dry Van.  

Rolltites are often used to protect a ‘flatbed’ load from the elements. For example, wood product is often shipped on a Rolltite to avoid getting wet. 





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