ET Transport provides fast, secure shipping from Fredericton, Moncton, St John, and Miramichi across Canada an anywhere in the USA. Our trucks and drivers are fully bonded and equipped with FAST border crossing technology that reduces wait time for your shipments at the border.


ET TRANSPORT has a large fleet of 48’ and 53’ Dry Vans available for short and long-haul and regional shipping across the US and Canada.  We are able to dispatch trucks to Illinois on a same-day basis.

In addition, our fleet includes both heated and refrigerated vans to carry perishable goods safely.  Our drivers are trained to protect the integrity of your products to get them to their destination warm, cold, or frozen.


Need to ship something unusual?  Not sure where to turn?  We are proud to offer a versatile service regardless of the freight that you need to have shipped.  Our drivers have extensive experience securing unusual freight.  Need added protection?  Ask about our Roll-Tite services.

Expedited Shipping

Need a pickup and delivery arranged quickly?  Our trucks and trailers are managed by a dedicated team of dispatchers who are always just a phone call away.  Call ET Transport.  We are a FAST and CSA approved company so that means fewer wait times at the border.  We can almost do the impossible!

Hazardous materials

ET Transport is certified to carry a broad range of hazardous materials from chemicals to waste products. Our record for Transportation of Dangerous Good is excellent!

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