Top 4 Signs That a Flatbed Trailer Is Essential for Your Next Shipment

Are you struggling to find the right way to ship large or unconventional items?

Standard shipping solutions often fall short when dealing with cargo like bulky machinery or long steel pipes. 

The solution? Embracing the unmatched versatility of a flatbed trailer.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore 4 unmistakable signs that a flatbed trailer is the optimal choice for your next shipment, ensuring your cargo is transported safely and efficiently to its destination.

1. Your Load Has Oversized or Irregular Dimensions

The size of your cargo can be the defining factor in choosing a flatbed trailer. Standard enclosed trailers have their limitations when it comes to accommodating oversized or irregularly shaped items. This is a common scenario with large machinery, construction materials, or equipment that exceed typical size parameters.

In these instances, opting for ET Transport’s custom-designed Roll-Tite Flatbed trailers (Conestoga) is a strategic decision. Tailored to carry freight up to 104 inches high, they exceed the industry standard by 4 inches. This ensures that even the most uniquely sized loads are transported efficiently and with the highest level of care, making them an optimal choice for your non-standard shipping needs.

2. Special Loading and Unloading Methods Are Required

When your shipment calls for unique loading techniques such as side or top loading – common for items that cranes or forklifts handle – flatbed trailers provide the perfect solution. Unlike traditional enclosed trailers, which are restricted to rear loading, flatbeds offer superior versatility. They are especially advantageous in settings like job sites or construction zones without standard docking facilities.

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team trained in rigorous safety and compliance protocols, we ensure precise and secure handling of your cargo. Additionally, for oversized cargo exceeding height limits, our step deck trailers offer a perfect alternative, accommodating almost any load with ease and efficiency.

3. Your Cargo is Heavier Than Usual

When the weight of your shipment tips the scales, choosing the right trailer is not just a preference – but a necessity. ET Transport’s flatbeds are the answer for those hefty loads that surpass what standard trailers can manage. Our versatile fleet, including 53′ and 48′ trailers, is engineered to maximize dimensions within legal limits, effortlessly supporting loads up to 45,000 lbs.

For exceptionally heavy or large items, we offer extendable flatbeds capable of carrying loads up to 100 feet and 40 tons – and perimeter deck trailers for weights up to 150 tons. Leveraging our extensive experience and specialized equipment, we are well-prepared to accommodate the unique requirements of your heavy cargo.

4. You’re Shipping Specialized Goods

The nature of your goods can significantly determine the type of transportation required. Flatbed trailers are particularly suitable for transporting a range of specialized materials due to their adaptability in size, shape, and loading methods.

At ET Transport, we have extensive experience in shipping a diverse selection of large-scale goods such as:

This expertise is vital in providing solutions for unusual shipping requirements, ensuring that a variety of loads are loaded and transported with the utmost care and proficiency.

Elevate Your Shipping Efficiency with ET Transport

Each shipment presents unique challenges and requirements. At ET Transport, we’re dedicated to providing customized transportation solutions that align seamlessly with your freight needs.

Whether managing oversized loads, securing sensitive materials, or meeting tight schedules, our team is equipped to make your shipping process as efficient and effective as possible.

Ready to Ship with Confidence?

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