ET Transport is Excited! Nikola Finally Details Plans for Fuel Cell Electric Truck Rollouts

As a SmartWay Certified Carrier, ET Transport has been anxiously awaiting news that a truly zero-emissions long-haul truck is approaching mass-production.  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. So, when Nikola finally announced their production schedules, we got excited.  

North American production of the Tre BEV Cabover battery-electric truck, designed for regional trips up to 480 km (300 miles) is scheduled for prototype builds beginning the first quarter of 2021. The longer-range Tre FCEV, designed for a longer haul up to 1440 km (900 miles) is due to begin prototype builds in the second half of 2023.

Both vehicles tout better aerodynamics, use of energy only when needed, no idling, regenerative braking and highly efficient electric motors.  The modular battery design enables carriers to customise the number of battery packs required to meet their particular range needs.  Having multiple packs will also provide resiliency in case of a problem in one of the packs.  Problem packs can be isolated without interfering with the continued operation of the vehicle.

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